Though essentially any organization structure primary functions are to provide a framework upon how members are included into the organization, how decisions are made or how the leadership is chosen, similar organization structures operating in same environment can have significantly different outputs.
While the need of structure is fairly clear within organizations, determining the best structure for a particular group of people is no easy task. Each organization will have both its formal and informal network influencing the organization performance. Detecting these features, planning to get the most out them and carrying out changes in a way that the new organization delivers immediate positive results it is just one of our specialties.
Ideally any form of organizational structure should offer clear understanding on:
• Governance of the structure
• Rules that are applied for running the organization
• Workload share and distribution
• Organization evolution
Setting the close to ideal organization structure for your development plans is an effective start to make plans come reality and we have in our set of skills just the right ones to be used.
Completing such kind of study on an organization it is not an everyday task, and as such requires some time and effort on customer side as well. For operations located in East Europe and Balkans, we noticed that taking this path is typically worth to do for organizations having 200 or more individuals. However, in today’s fast changing business environment nothing is engraved in stone, and we’ve found surprising cost cutting opportunities for organizations of 50 or less individuals.

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