In most cases, top performing companies would use a blend of three core processes that balanced properly bring business performance:
• Strategic planning
• Daily management
• Problem solving
Strategic planning is the first step to create sustainable processes that deliver breakthrough results on a timespan of several years.
Daily management is a disciplined routine method to ensure that implemented processes are delivering desired results towards your customers and enables you to react in a timely manner by providing you transparency whether you’re winning or losing on daily basis.
You can think of daily management as the sum of the actions that you would perform to keep airplanes take-offs and landings safe and on time, whereas strategic planning is the process through which you would support inventing breakthrough transportation systems.
Though most managers are confident in their skills, at least in East Europe and Balkans, cases when daily management good practices are consistently applied are singular. We often help organizations to define their daily management sequences and help managers to create management routines to ensure steadily growing organizational performance.

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